You’ve never heard of it before. 8 surprising facts about milk

Follow-up – Ali Mualla:

Milk is one of the foods most recommended by doctors and nutrition experts to maintain good health and provide young people with the nutrients necessary for healthy growth and protection against many diseases, and is particularly useful to strengthen bones and teeth because it is rich in iron and calcium.

But apart from its benefits, in this article we will go over the strangest facts about milk:

1. In the past, adding milk to a tea drink was a sign of wealth and luxury, because if the tea was poured alone into a porcelain cup, it was believed that it would break the cup.

2. People who drink whole milk are less likely to gain weight than those who drink it.

3. Milk can be used to create and make a kind of odorless, biodegradable, anti-electric and water-insoluble plastic.

4. Breast milk contains substances which are not digestible by infants, but the body takes advantage of it as food for important intestinal bacteria which is beneficial for their body.

5. Milk protein is used in the manufacture of latex, which is used in many industries and raw materials.

6. 11,000 years ago, milk was toxic to humans, and the only way to consume it without harming the body was to reduce lactose levels by turning it into cheese.

7. 65 percent of global milk consumption comes from goat’s milk.

8. Adult cats should not be fed milk because they do not produce the enzyme lactase necessary for the digestion of lactose.

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