“You’ll Feel Amazing”: Lisa Curry’s Detox Guide

While she mainly detoxed under expert guidance, she says the six weeks she spent in the African jungle for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here was also “forced detox.” “We didn’t have coffee,” she said. “(Most of us had) severe headaches and all we could do was drink lots of water and sleep. “The headaches lasted two to three days and then everything was fine.” She lost 9 kg during the show. But, says Curry, detox isn’t just about what you eat and drink. Curry says people can detox from video games as well. replacing play time with activities such as walking the dog or detoxifying negative people by thinking about who they associate with and “slowly walking away” from anyone needed. “Misery breeds and loves misery,” she said. Although she never did when training or competing as an Olympian, she has since co-founded Happy Healthy You, which offers detox programs with social media guidance from her team of naturopaths and nutritionists. the month of February, after Christmas, holidays, New Years, holidays and Australia Day celebrations, ”she said. THE BENEFITS Your liver, gut, and digestive system will thank you, according to Curry. “You will be less swollen, lighter, weight, sleep better, your hair, skin and eyes will be clearer,” she says. “Having a vegetable and fruit juice every day first thing in the morning will help cleanse a sluggish liver. “The first thing you put in your gut is important. “Living enzymes in fruits and vegetables flood the system and start releasing toxins into the blood supply.” THE RISK Curry is warning detox for the first time not to rely on “Dr Google” or physically straining yourself while on the diet. “During a drug treatment you will feel a little lethargic and your body will react in various ways: you can get sick, you can be extremely tired, you have a cough, you have a headache, you can throw up or have sickness. diarrhea, your skin may break out, you might have pimples and a snotty nose, you might have a terrible smear on your tongue and your breath might not be pleasant so you can see why you need to detox slowly and with guidance “She said.” Emotionally, you may feel like you’re a bit of a roller coaster but hang in there because you’ll feel good on the other side. “The right length of time for rehab depends on the program and the individual. , seven days, four weeks – as long as you know what you are doing, why you are doing it, what o results you want and know the consequences, ”she says. A STARTING POINT Happy Healthy You offers a free eight-week guide that begins with a week dedicated to slowly cutting down on bad foods and drinks. In addition to halving coffee, smoking and alcohol and cutting back on dairy products, white bread, sugar, chocolate, soft drinks and take-out, he recommends: a glass of room temperature water with lemon, lime or grapefruit to flush your system in the morning. 500 ml of fresh vegetable juice, which can be divided into two doses of 250 ml – morning and evening. Add fresh turmeric or a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Two cups of chamomile tea. 100 ml of coconut water or Rejuvelac kefir. A handful of fresh sprouts or grated carrots and beets added to every large meal, to add enzymes and improve digestion. Optional – 10ml apple cider vinegar in water before meals Download the full guide at happyhealthyyou.com.au

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