Yesterday was Vancouver’s coldest May day in 20 years

If you felt the weather was a little chilly yesterday in Vancouver, it’s because it’s usually not that cold in May.

In fact, according to YOW-Weather-Records, last Thursday was Vancouver’s coldest May day since 2002, when temperatures hit 8.8C.

The maximum on May 5 was 10.7ºC.

Before 2022 the May maximum was 8.3ºC in 1943 and 1938.

Unfortunately, temperatures are not forecast to rise much in the next few minutes. The forecast for the next seven days indicates more humidity and maximum temperatures of 12 °C, with minimum night temperatures of up to 5 °C.

Earlier this week, The Weather Network reported that the early part of May wouldn’t be ideal for Vancouver sunseekers, suggesting that a month’s worth of rain would hit the Lower Mainland in just a few days.

Except for a sunny break on Friday morning, that prediction has mostly come to pass.

While rain totals won’t be as high over the next week as they have been in the past few days, there are still several wet days ahead.

weather network

As for when you might get dressed for warm weather and maybe get the bike out, the 14-day trend suggests warmer weather could arrive the following week.

weather network

It may not be a bad idea to enjoy the cold weather while it lasts, as some have predicted that this upcoming summer will be extremely hot and dry, just like last year.

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