Women need to ‘support each other’ when ‘the left is coming for us’: Claire Chandler

Liberal Senator Claire Chandler has called for more women seeking public office to “stand up for each other” when they are targeted with abusive threats from the left.

Ms. Chandler said it is “incredibly troubling” when women running for public office are abused and threatened.

“It’s particularly disappointing when it happens to Conservative women at a time when we know, the Liberal Party knows, that we need to see more women elected to public office and more women involved in our party,” she told Sky News presenter Chris . Kenny.

“There are great women on our team, and we all need to be able to support each other to make it a little bit easier when the left comes for us, which they inevitably are going to do.”

Ms Chandler said she “genuinely thinks” women are subject to attacks more than men, and male colleagues should report this type of behaviour.

“Absolutely, our male colleagues must be ready and willing to report it when it happens.”

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