Why the $ 350 million sports icon project was delayed

The 220 ha Cape Otway Road Australia (CORA) project was approved by the state government in October 2020 and is expected to begin construction at the end of 2021 – with developers saying it will inject more than $ 100 million in the region each year once opened in 2024. But, the developers behind the project confirmed this week that Covid-19 did not push them to abandon plans for the major project, instead, pushing back plans 12 month construction. continued remotely, ”said CORA director and co-founder Daryl Pelchen. “While causing a 12-month delay in opening, Covid reinforced the need for the project, in particular its ability to promote well-being and a real economic recovery for the region. and the community and the planet – resonated with all stakeholders and potential partners. “Over the past 12 months, we have undertaken ongoing site planning and assessment work as well as detailed design for key stakeholders and infrastructure. Preliminary construction work is expected to begin late this year with major construction work scheduled for 2023 and 2024 to allow CORA to be operational in the first quarter of 2025. years heavily impacted by the pandemic. In Greater Geelong City alone, there are 142 major projects – valued at $ 10 million or more – valued at $ 12.3 billion listed as proposed, underway, or recently completed. CORA was designed as comprising MCG and GMHBA stadium-sized sports fields, a 128-room hotel, 61 lodges, wellness center, retail village, art gallery, sculpture park, a day care center, a microbrewery and wastewater-treatment plant. The major project, billed as “the nation’s new sports icon” and “the state’s new tourist destination” includes 107 ha of conservation space, 55 ha of accommodation, 15 ha of sports training facilities elite, 15 ha of retail and 11 ha of science facility. “CORA’s global ambition is to be the revolutionary site in the southern hemisphere where the latest innovations in elite sports training, health and well-being are reinforced by a unique and sustainable environment of beauty. natural, arts, culture and food, ”notes the project’s website. .

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