When do the Games start and what are Team GB predictions?

Beijing will become the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics when the Games begin in China in February. Many of the venues used to host the 2008 Summer Games will be reused, including the Bird’s Nest Stadium.

As was the case with the recent Summer Olympics in Tokyo, these Games will take place in the shadow of the Covid pandemic, with restrictions in place, including a 21-day quarantine on arrival for those who do not. are not fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

When is the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games?

The Winter Games will take place from February 4 to 20, 2022.

Where are they held?

Some events will take place at the same Beijing venues that hosted the 2008 Games, including the Bird’s Nest Stadium, which will once again host the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and the Water Cube, which has been converted from a swimming pool. into a curling arena.

The alpine skiing and sliding events – bobsleigh, luge and skeleton – will take place in Yanqing, which is in Beijing Municipality on the mountainous northwestern outskirts, near a section of the Great Wall.

Zhangjiakou, northwest of Beijing in Hebei Province, will host cross-country skiing, ski jumping, biathlon, snowboarding and freestyle skiing. Zhangjiakou is nearly 200 km from central Beijing, and is connected by a high-speed train that takes about an hour.

Latest news on the Beijing Olympics

China’s meticulous plans to prevent an Olympics-seeded Covid-19 epidemic by locking all participants in a “closed loop” for the next Winter Games will be tested by the emergence of the highly variant. infectious disease of Omicron.

The country has only reported a handful of Omicron cases and has been largely successful in containing Covid-19 since it emerged in the central city of Wuhan two years ago, thanks to a zero tolerance policy that includes rigorous research into contacts, strict targeted lockdowns, and travel restrictions that have dramatically reduced international arrivals.

But more than 2,000 international athletes are expected to come to China for the Games, along with 25,000 other “stakeholders”, many from overseas. The organizers did not specify how many of these people would be in a closed circuit.

Organizers believe their measures “can ensure that the Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games can run safely and on time,” said Yan Jiarong, spokesperson for the organizing committee, at the meeting. of a press conference.

In addition to logistics and health concerns, China faces the prospect that Western democracies will refuse to send government officials to the Games to protest against China’s treatment of Muslim Turkish Uyghurs and other minority groups, as well. than civil society and human rights activists.

Joe Biden has announced a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in China next year despite attempts to calm tensions between China and the United States.

This has already been echoed by Australia as well as the UK after Boris Johnson said there would “effectively be a diplomatic boycott” without the presence of ministers or officials.

Politicians, the WTA and prominent tennis players have also raised concerns for the safety of three-time Olympian and former leading doubles player Peng Shuai, who has publicly accused Zhang Gaoli, a former member of the Politburo party standing committee for forcing her to have sex. three years ago.

Will there be spectators?

Yes, but only if they live in mainland China. As with the Tokyo Summer Games, overseas fans are banned due to the continued disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Organizers have yet to say how tickets will be sold or whether venues will operate at full capacity.

What Covid restrictions will there be?

All athletes and related personnel will be required to remain in a “closed loop” which includes the venues as well as dedicated transportation facilities.

Athletes and others who are not fully vaccinated will undergo 21 days of quarantine upon arrival in China, and all participants will be tested for Covid-19 daily.

Since most international flights to China have been canceled, special flights from hub cities and exclusively for Games participants will be organized.

At the Tokyo Games, which took place inside a more porous bubble, organizers reported 430 positive cases, although only 29 among athletes and 25 among the media.

What sports will there be?

Beijing will see the Olympic debuts of seven new events, including women’s monobob, mixed team relay events in short track speed skating and snowboard cross.

As was the case with the introduction of sports like skateboarding into the summer program, the goal is to attract a younger audience, as well as to increase female participation. The other new features are big air freestyle skiing (men and women), mixed team ski jumping and freestyle ski jumps.

The core sports are biathlon, bobsleigh, curling, ice hockey, sledding, skating and skiing.

How has the GB team done before?


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