What quality settings do you use for Google Photos backups?

Robert Triggs/Android Authority

Google Photos celebrates its anniversary tomorrow (May 28), but has undergone some changes since its inception. Perhaps the biggest change is that it’s moved away from high-quality unlimited storage, but still offers 15GB of free storage for your photo and video backups.

This got us thinking about the quality settings readers use for their photo and video backups. Do you opt for the original quality setting or do you prefer the storage saver option? Let us know by answering the survey below.

What quality settings do you use for Google Photos backups?

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The original setting, as the name implies, keeps all your photos and videos in their original quality. This is useful for photographers and videographers who value quality above all else, as you don’t have to deal with compression when downloading or editing them.

Google Photos also offers a storage saver option (previously known as high quality) if you want to take your storage further. This compresses images (while also downsizing high resolution images to 16MP) and compresses videos to 1080p. You’ll see some quality hit, especially with videos, but it’s still handy for backing up your memories.

There is also a third quality setting in some regions like India, called Express. This compresses images to 3MP and videos to 480p. It’s a big drop in quality, but it’s useful if you have a slower connection or want to compress as many photos and videos on your cloud storage as possible.

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