What is stressing our teens

Schoolwork is the number one cause of stress and worry among Australian teens, according to a new report.

Alarmingly, the report also reveals that many don’t talk to anyone when they are in trouble.

Mental health issues have increased in Brimbank as the state government seeks funding for solutions.

MyStrengths Youth Wellbeing Report 2021 surveyed nearly 10,000 high school students aged 11-18 to understand how stress, sleep, social media and relationships impact adolescent mental health .

The report found that 66% of teens felt stressed about their schoolwork and 42% cited it as their biggest worry.

Other causes of stress include:

– Feeling anxious about what might happen (41%)

– Self-esteem / feeling low (35%)

– Friendship issues (27%)

– Family difficulties (27 percent).

Teens’ biggest worries were what they will do in the future (38 percent), how they look (34 percent), what people think or say about them (31 percent), and miss their goals ( 24 percent) percent).

The report found that many teens did not seek help – professional or otherwise. One in three students (32%) do not speak to anyone when they are having difficulty. Teens who reach out are more likely to turn to a friend (45%) than a parent. However, 62 percent said they felt understood by their parents.

Only percent of students surveyed seek support from their teachers in school.

The report also found that students who go to bed later are more likely to have mental health issues.

The report’s release coincided with the launch of MyStrengths’ Raising Resilience Course, a 10-step course designed to turn the tide on adolescent mental health. The course includes videos and daily challenges that parents can watch with their teens.

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