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Work is expected to begin on the gangway that will accommodate passengers at the new Sydney West Airport.

Construction of the city-side enclosure of Western Sydney International Airport (Nancy-Bird Walton) will begin this year following the award of the contract to the Aerowest joint venture comprised of BMD Constructions Pty Ltd and Seymour Whyte Constructions Pty Ltd.

Western Sydney Airport General Manager Simon Hickey said the contract was the last piece of the major procurement puzzle for the project, completed ahead of schedule.

“This is where your journey to Western Sydney International begins and ends,” said Hickey.

“Whether you arrive by car, bus or train, this will be the welcome mat for our customers at what will be Australia’s best airport terminal.

“We know getting to and back from airports is one of the biggest issues for travelers – passengers and airlines alike will love using Western Sydney International because the experience we deliver will be fast, seamless and reliable from start to finish. the end.”

Construction of the city-side enclosure will involve the integration of the new M12 motorway, which will link the airport to the Sydney motorway network, and the two airport stations on the Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport line, with one stop at the passenger terminal and the other at the business district.

It will also involve the construction of parking lots, roads, bridges, connections to public services, operational buildings and landscaping.

Mr Hickey said the contract is expected to create more than 700 direct jobs and many more indirect jobs with benefits to suppliers and the local economy.

Western Sydney Airport also contracted DXC Technology, a company with a proven track record of providing IT services to some of the world’s largest organizations, to design and deliver the airport’s technological framework that will enable more than 60 technological systems to communicate with each other.

“This is the technological framework that will ensure that Sydney’s new global gateway provides our airline, passenger and air cargo customers with an incredible experience unmatched in Australia,” said Mr. Hickey.

“Unlike other airports that need to modernize their aging infrastructure, Western Sydney Airport has a unique opportunity to build an airport from scratch taking into account emerging technologies or yet to be imagined.

“This technology partner will work with us to determine what the opening of a digital airport will look like in 2026 and how we can integrate the technology of tomorrow to transform the customer experience and avoid the frustrations that can be encountered in other airports. ”

Western Sydney International is on track to open to international, domestic and air freight services at the end of 2026.

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