Watch The Weeknd’s “Sacrifice” Music Video

Following the release of his Dawn FM album, The Weeknd kept the party going by dropping the music video for “Sacrifice” on Friday. A clip of the song had already been previewed at the end of the “Take My Breath” video. In the new visual – which comes with a fair epilepsy warning – The Weeknd is seen sacrificing himself to what appears to be a cult as he sings about why he can’t be in a committed relationship in the middle of a dance party. .

The track begins with the lyrics: “I was born in a city / Where winter nights never sleep / So this life is always with me / The ice in my veins will never bleed.” The Weeknd continues singing, “Uh, every time you try to fix me / I know you’ll never find that missing piece / When you cry and say you miss me / I lie and tell you I’ll never leave , but / I sacrificed (Sacrificed) / Your love for most of the night (Of the night) / I try to fight (A fight) / I can’t tie myself (Down). “

Watch the “Sacrifice” video above now.

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