Watch Elizabeth Olsen Take Vanity Fair’s Lie Detector Test

Elizabeth Olsen recently sat down with Vanity Fair for a polygraph test, and she started off strong by lying for 30 seconds. “Do you lie often enough?” the interviewer asked. “No, I’m not lying,” Olsen replied seriously. But an equipment shake-up and a resounding “Lie” from the polygraph examiner set the stage for a hilarious and candid conversation with the “WandaVision” star.

Despite the rocky start, Olsen stayed fairly honest throughout the rest of the video, sharing information about the Avengers group chat (and why she’s no longer in it), her positive experience deleting social media, and her desire to be a stoner “I want to be a stoner, I’m a wannabe stoner,” she said. “It’s something I’m not very good at. I started trying again for the first time in a decade.”

Olsen also talked about his friendship with Chris Evans and his tap dancing on set, though he couldn’t say for sure if he was his favorite Chris of all time. And, of course, no polygraph would be complete without mention of his “weird thumbs,” which seemed to surprise even the polygraph examiner. But no matter how absurd a question was, Olsen responded with a kind of colloquial humor that felt relatable and genuine, even admitting that he still says the sisters’ iconic line of his, “You got it, dude,” in everyday life. of the. See Olsen’s lie detector skills above.

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