Walls backs Cripps to lead the Blues

Former Carlton great Robert Walls has backed Patrick Cripps as the right man to lead Carlton Football Club in 2022.

Sam Docherty and Cripps have captained the Blues as co-captains throughout 2021, but with Docherty stepping down from his role on Wednesday after a recurrence of testicular cancer, Walls believes Cripps has the right qualities to be the free-lance skipper .

With many clubs appointing co-captains in recent years, Walls believes there should only be one designated captain per football club.

“I don’t believe in co-captains, I think you have a captain and he’s the leader and everyone understands that,” Walls said. sports day.

“That captain knows then he is running the ship, if I made the decision at Carlton I would have Patrick Cripps as captain and I would have Jacob Weitering and Sam Walsh as vice-captains.

“I think in 12 months you’ll have a better indication of whether you’re going with Weitering or whether you’re going with Walsh.

“Walsh has only had three seasons of senior football and he’s been exceptional, Jacob Weitering is rock solid, he does his job and thinks of the other players.

“Both (Weitering and Walsh) are presenting themselves extremely well off the pitch, which is also important, but I would have Cripps as captain and the other two as vice-captains.”

Cripps, Docherty, Walsh, Weitering, Ed Curnow, Marc Murphy (retired) and Liam Jones (retired) made up Carlton’s leadership group in 2021.


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