“Vote me .. I will cure your baldness!” .. Slogan of a candidate for President of South Korea

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The ruling party’s candidate in South Korea sparked an uproar this week suggesting that baldness treatment should be covered by public health insurance, with some voters applauding the proposal while others criticizing his platform “populist”.

Lee Jae-myung, the Democratic Party’s flag bearer, made the pledge, saying that nearly ten million people suffer from hair loss, but many of them resort to buying drugs from the foreign or prostate drugs as an alternative due to the high cost of treatment.

The proposal drew heated reactions from some, and many circulated a fake 15-second hair loss commercial in which I appear to be speaking to voters as the best candidate for “your hair.” “Let’s plant Lee Jae-myung for us,” a social media comment said, according to German broadcaster DW.

In a meeting hosted by Lee’s party on Wednesday night with voters suffering from hair loss, Jeong Da-yeon, a Korean mother of two, said she had given up on medical treatment because it requires four million. of won ($ 3,325) in six months and resorted to the use of a premium shampoo. For hair washing and proper nutrition.

But Lee’s engagement drew criticism from others, with the opposition calling him the latest piece of Lee’s “populist” platform.

Little-known opposition candidate, former doctor and software mogul Ahn Cheol-soo, called the proposal irresponsible and pledged to lower the price of off-patent drugs and fund the development of a new treatment if she wins the election.

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