Update of Beidou version to version 2.4

Despite the addition of new characters to “Genshin Impact” during patch 2.0, Beidou remains one of the most reliable Electro units thanks to its high offensive support capacity and incredible DPS on and off the field.

Most of the new weapons and artifacts can be equipped on Beidou with great effect, which warrants an updated guide to what might be the best new builds for her in 2022 so far. While characters like the Raiden Shogun and even the future Yae Miko tend to get more attention, players shouldn’t sleep on Beidou’s ability to shock everything in sight.

Here is an updated version of Beidou for “Genshin Impact 2.4”.

New constructions of Beidou artifacts

Much of the base artifact stats for Beidou remain the same. Players will want to get a good chunk of the energy recharge and the usual CRIT and ATK stats so she can spam her Elemental Burst without compromising DPS.

Beidou’s perfect counters generate a lot of elementary particles
Photo: Genshin Impact

Due to the high energy cost of his Burst, players will want around 130-160% Energy recharge on his Artifacts, but this will still depend on the team lineup. If there is another Electro unit with good particle generation like Fischl or Raiden, players can get away with lower ER values ​​for Beidou.

the Emblem of Broken Fate just might be the new best artifact for Beidou due to the innate energy recharge passive and additional elemental burst damage based on his total ER value. On paper, this will cause him to do less damage than the old one. Noblesse Oblige and Fury Thunder combo, but not by much.

Best Beidou Weapons

There are a few notable new weapons for Beidou namely the Akouumaru and the Lord of the luxurious sea.

Akouumaru works best with team builds that have high energy costs, as it will greatly increase his damage. When paired with another Electro character and a team that has good particle generation, the downside of having high energy costs becomes largely negligible.

The Tuna Sword, on the other hand, is a direct buff for Beidou’s DPS release. It provides a high ATK and ATK% secondary stat as well as an increase in its elemental burst damage. Titanic Tuna’s passive doesn’t necessarily synergize with her, but the extra damage is more than welcome.

Wolf’s Greatsword and Serpent Spine are still competing for the title of best weapon for Beidou, but Akuoumaru and Luxurious Sea-Lord are great alternatives.


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