Unpublished data on how to help people with hay fever in Melbourne

Cutting-edge technology gives Melbourne unprecedented data for people with hay fever to help them manage their allergies.

Scientists at the University of Melbourne can now track airborne pollen in real time, sending the data directly to people’s smartphones.

With one in five Australians suffering from hay fever, many people are already checking out the Melbourne Pollen Count and Forecast app.

Airborne pollen can be tracked in real time using new technology. (9News)

However, its data is about to get much more accurate after the University of Melbourne got its hands on Australia’s first automated pollen counter.

Drs Edwin Lampugnani and Ed Newbigin believe this brand new technology is the biggest breakthrough in pollen tracking since the 1950s.

“It will be a huge deal,” said Dr Lampugnani.

“He’s able to give us real-time information on what’s in the air.”

The machine continuously collects air samples and measures the number of pollen particles.

The number of pollens will appear on the app. (New)

Until now, researchers had to measure pollen particles by looking through a microscope.

They only did the process once a day, but now there will be a constant flow of data available to the public.

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Dr Newbigin said the technology would allow professors to spend more time researching and improving services.

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