UK Labor leader investigated for ‘virus rape’

UK police say they will investigate opposition leader Keir Starmer for a possible breach of COVID-19 lockdown rules in 2021 after receiving significant new information, dealing an embarrassing blow to the Labor Party.

Starmer, who previously served as the country’s top prosecutor, led calls for Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak to resign after they were both handed fines related to a birthday party celebration hosted by police staff. Johnson in his Downing Street office in June 2020.

An internal report found Downing Street staff threw a series of booze parties during the COVID-19 lockdowns, angering the public and damaging confidence in the country’s political system.

Johnson could receive further fines for other events that are still being investigated by London police.

Starmer has also faced increased scrutiny over footage from April 2021 showing him drinking a bottle of beer with colleagues indoors during a visit to north-east England.

Durham local police earlier said they had concluded no crime had been established, but on Friday said “following the receipt of significant new information in recent days” an investigation had been opened.

A Labor Party spokesman said they were “obviously happy to answer any questions”.

“We remain clear that no rules were broken,” the spokesman said.

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