Ugandan schools to reopen after two years

After one of the longest school closures in the event of a pandemic in the world, Uganda’s education system is set to restart, although the process promises to be fraught with pitfalls.

“We expect low turnout because the kids say they won’t come back,” high school teacher Bosco Wantate told dpa, adding “they are tired of studying. They are doing other things.”

Parents also complained that they didn’t have any money because they couldn’t work during the lockdown, Wantate said.

“The situation is dramatic: most students have not been to school for two years in total; especially children under the age of eight and students in remote areas have had little access to education, ”explained Lilian Ssengooba, development officer for the aid program. SOS Children’s Villages organization.

Ssengooba said she is also concerned that many students nationwide will simply never return to school. “Many young girls have now been married off by their families or are pregnant, while other female students have been forced to go to work to support their families,” she said.

According to SOS Children’s Villages, schools in Uganda have been partially or fully closed for 83 weeks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Uganda has recorded nearly 150,000 cases since the start of the pandemic, of which more than 3,300 have been fatal. However, as in many African countries, it is likely that the number of cases in Uganda has been severely underreported.


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