UC Riverside to continue online courses until January 28 – Press Enterprise

With coronavirus cases increasing locally, classes at UC Riverside will continue to be held virtually until Jan.28, officials said on Friday Jan.7.

Virtual learning was initially planned for the first two weeks of the winter term. The UCR will also not have major in-person indoor events until Monday, Jan.31, according to a letter from Chancellor Kim Wilcox. In-person training is expected to resume on Jan.31, he wrote.

The campus will remain open along with facilities such as the library, Highlander Union Building and the Student Recreation Center with reduced hours and occupancy limits.

All students and staff should be fully immunized, including booster shots, by January 31 or as soon as they are eligible, and students and staff at UCR facilities should undergo wellness checks daily.

UCR students returned to campus in the fall after 18 months of distance learning.

The push, fueled by the omicron variant, is forcing other campuses in the interior to change their plans. Late last month, California Baptist University announced it would delay the start of its eight-day spring semester until Jan. 18 to prevent the spread of the virus.

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