Uber driver who helped girl in blizzard got new job

(NewsNation) – An Uber driver who got stranded with a passenger for five hours on I-95 in Virginia during a snowstorm is rewarded.

Davante Williams is an Uber driver from Washington, DC. He was dropping off a teenage passenger on Tuesday when they got stranded with hundreds of others on an icy stretch of Interstate 95 in Virginia. Williams said he was determined to bring the girl back to her parents.

“My passenger, she was so distraught,” he said this week. “Apparently I picked her up at Union Station and her train was canceled due to a derailment, so she could only call Uber and I was her driver.

Willams said he provided the young woman with water and crackers throughout the ordeal. While on the road, he also said he spoke to his parents to reassure them that he was going to take care of their daughter. “I had to explain to his parents, ‘Hey, I’m not a crazy person. I’m just trying to get your daughter to a safe place.

When they finally pulled away from the Nightmare Freeway, Williams rented the young woman a hotel room for the night. “I ended up having to put her in a hotel because she wasn’t old enough to get a room,” he said. “I wanted to make sure she was comfortable. And I didn’t want to leave her stranded.

Since then, Williams’ story has gone viral. Uber tweeted about the good deed on Tuesday, shortly after it appeared on NewsNation.

Williams has also received praise on other social platforms. He was even offered a new job. “I got an offer to become the main driver for Ride Alto, where I will be practically in the office, as a supervisor. ”

Williams also said the teenager had contacted him to thank him again for all of his help. “She texted me and just thanked me… for everything I had done for her that night.” He said the next morning the parents contacted him as well. “Just an outpouring of thanks again, for all I could do to help their daughter. “

Willams said his first order of business was to let everyone know he was in good hands (no pun intended).


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