UAE is the best passport in the Middle East, 15th best in the world

The UAE has been ranked as the 15th best passport in the world and the highest ranked passport in the Middle East.

The Hendley Passport Index put the UAE at 15 with a score of 175. The UAE has already been ranked 16th and 18th in recent years.

The score of 175 means UAE residents can enter 175 countries visa-free.

the henley index said: “The UAE continues its remarkable upward trajectory on the Henley Passport Index, having recently restored in practical terms its historic US-brokered deal with Israel, suspended for most of the pandemic.”

Japan and Singapore lead the index. Residents can enter 192 destinations around the world without a visa.

It is 166 more than Afghanistan which is at the bottom of the list.

“An individual could, on average, visit 57 countries in 2006 without needing to acquire a visa in advance. Today that number has risen to 107, but the overall increase masks a growing disparity between countries in the north and south, with nationals from countries like Sweden and the United States able to visit more than 180 destinations without a visa. , while the holders of passports from Angola, Cameroon and Laos can only enter about fifty ”, indicates the index in its analysis.

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