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Normal highs for the weekend

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Will we finally get a break from cooler than normal temperatures?
Perhaps, is Environment Canada’s response.

“There seem to be indications that there could be some improvement towards the end of the week, into next weekend,” says Environment Canada Meteorologist Gregg Walters.

“I mean, obviously, this pattern that we’re in can’t last forever, but it seems to be pretty persistent. As a result, things stay cooler than normal and wetter than normal, as you’ve no doubt noticed. And as everyone has noted, actually.”

The unstable weather pattern is caused by a persistent low pressure trough off the coast of BC.

“What that’s doing is sort of rotating moisture toward the coast, making its way inland,” Walters explains. He says that the canal is preventing a high pressure system from being built.

Monday will be closer to typical temperatures, with a high of 18C, just a little below the normal 20C. But another system will move in Tuesday night, bringing rain. The maximum temperature on Wednesday is only 12 C.

As we head into the long weekend, the forecast calls for a gradual warm-up and clean-up. Thursday’s high is expected to reach 15 C, Friday should reach 20 C and Saturday 21, all with a mix of sun and clouds.

Until then, you’ll probably need to keep your jacket and umbrella handy.

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