Two women accused of money laundering

Two women from Perth have been charged with attempting to launder nearly $ 1 million generated by the drug trafficking activities of an outlaw motorcycle gang.

The women, aged 33 and 59, are scheduled to appear in Perth Magistrates’ Court on Friday following an operation by Australian Federal Police dubbed Ironside.

AFP alleges that in May last year, the 33-year-old drove another person to a Perth business to deliver two bags.

The bags were searched and investigators found hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Further research led to the discovery of more money, with a total seized amount of $ 996,165.

AFP said it was further alleged that the women were storing and laundering large amounts of illicit money on behalf of a member of the Comanchero gang, who lived abroad, and that the money came from drug traffic.

AFP Acting Inspector Chris Colley said seizing crime-related money was a key strategy to prevent those involved from profiting from their illegal activities or funding future criminal enterprises.

“Most organized crime is driven by money and when you take the profits away you hit offenders where it hurts the most,” Acting Inspector Collie said.

“People who help drug traffickers and other offenders access their criminal profits can buy property or assets to try to legitimize money, or use money transfer agents, casinos or mules to move overseas profits without alerting law enforcement or regulatory authorities. “

The two women were arrested after officers raided their homes on the south-eastern outskirts of Perth.

Both have been charged with money laundering and face a maximum prison sentence of 20 years if convicted.


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