Two journalists murdered in Haiti by shooting

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Two journalists were murdered in Haiti yesterday, Thursday, by a gang operating in the vicinity of the capital, Port-au-Prince, according to a radio station employed by one of the dead.

Echot FM radio told AFP that the two dead men were accompanied by a third journalist when they were shot, noting that the third journalist managed to escape and got away with his life.

The assassination of these two journalists comes at a time when much of Haiti is under the control of gangs whose influence has spread in recent months outside the poor neighborhoods of the capital.

And the neighborhood “La Pôle 12”, which the three journalists visited to prepare for Thursday’s report, is the scene of violent battles between armed gangs vying for control.

The gangs are vying for control of this area because the road that crosses it is currently the only one that leads to the southern half of the country, since the main road to the south has been totally controlled since June by one of the most powerful gangs in Haiti. .

Haiti, a poor Caribbean country, is plunged into a serious political crisis, exacerbated by the assassination of President Jovenel Moise six months ago, and has worsened the security situation in the country.

In 2021, at least 950 kidnapping cases were recorded in Haiti, according to a human rights organization based in Port-au-Prince.

Police in Haiti suffer from a lack of equipment in the face of criminal groups who have an arsenal of weapons. Security forces have not launched any large-scale operations against gangs since March 2021.

In March, police launched a security operation in an area of ​​the capital known to be used by gangs as a hostage-taking center, but the operation resulted in the deaths of four police officers, including the bodies or the weapons have not yet been found.

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