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Once hatred is instilled in people’s minds, it is a difficult process to eradicate. Defeating and punishing powerful evil rulers and their most ardent supporters is often necessary to cleanse hatred from society. File photo: Lev Radin, Shutter Stock, under license.

SPRING HILL, FL – Hate is a strong word that should be reserved for bad deeds. Of the many criminal acts committed in our waking culture today, only a few require the death penalty. These criminal acts which require the death penalty have drastically diminished over time. Now the crime of killing a helpless child, committing violent rape, shooting at random people, or even killing a police officer can carry a lesser sentence.

These heinous acts can only be justified by evil. When an individual plans and executes these cruel and tortured behaviors on another human, they cannot be tolerated. They must be eliminated so that any humane and viable society can prosper. Every law-abiding citizen deserves a safe environment in which to live.

Tolerance is reserved for behavior that another person might find uncomfortable, dishonest, or personally disgusting, but does not threaten another person’s mental health or life. Humans have a wide range of what they desire or what repels them. Singing, dancing, food preferences and many other cultural things are viewed differently by unique cultures. Even in the same society, some enjoy orchestras, hard rock, rap, jazz, or traditional national music depending on their age, preferences and segment of the population.

Preferences and different actions are appreciated or not, although all should be tolerated as they are customs that do not harm anyone or threaten anyone’s existence. These are positive or negative feelings towards the cultural elements of our world. These are not matters of life and death, but should be part of a world where freedom of choice is encouraged and appreciated.

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However, evil should not be tolerated because it breeds more hatred. Once any form of hate is tolerated, it metastasizes and metastasizes. I hate a particular ethnic group, people of a certain skin color, political persuasion, fat, thin, short or tall people. Hatred of a group will often cause the group to hate the attacking group. The tolerance of hatred in a culture motivates the culture to self-destruct into warring tribes. It destroys cultural cohesion and increases animosity towards anyone who is different.

The only antidote for “hatred” is “to like.” Love is a healing process that can transform the one who hates into a more rational and productive human being. This prevents others from being attacked by hateful individuals causing more hatred. Love is the opposite of hate, and tolerance is not love. Loving people also creates an environment that encourages healthy differences that don’t intentionally hurt anyone. Hurt others should not be tolerated as it destroys a harmonious, stable and peaceful existence replacing it with an environment of evil and chaos.

Tolerance for all, even those who hate it seems compassionate. This is stupid. It’s like the people of Germany or Italy during WWII who supported Hitler or Mussolini and made groups of the population scapegoat as bad guys. Many citizens of these nations have walked the world in hatred for all who are different from them. Some of these followers had to be punished by removing their power and some were imprisoned or killed. Once hatred is instilled in people’s minds, it is a difficult process to eradicate. Defeating and punishing powerful evil rulers and their most ardent supporters is often necessary to cleanse hatred from society.

Once evil enters the formula, the concept of tolerance becomes a ruse for individuals to exploit and corrupt tolerance. Tolerance becomes a smokescreen behind which hatred hides and pursues evil paths. The tolerance of people to make choices is a wonderful decision because it is a prerequisite for a free and loving society.

Anyone who says that the opposite of hate is tolerance is making a big mistake. As a society, the United States is losing its bearings in maintaining a stable and just nation. Tolerating illegal and bad behavior is a sign of the decadence of a society, not of the ascent to heights of kindness. Our national policies and strategies have been to use blind justice to enforce our laws which were created by popular vote. Our republican process should determine our laws and not the edicts of the oligarchy of the rich and powerful.

Long-term tolerance of hatred results in chaos and evil. No sane person would wish this on a nation, especially a nation founded on moral values ​​and individual freedom of expression for all citizens. Our nation has rejected the bad behavior of other nations throughout its history. Tolerance of evil must again be replaced with appropriate, consistent and strong punishment for wrongdoers in accordance with our laws. We should not accept a false tolerance for the immoral and evil actions of our leaders and citizens. It will destroy our unity and our republic.

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