Today, Friday … For the first time in the history of the Emirates …

Sami Abdel Raouf (Dubai)

This morning, for the first time in the country’s history, federal government agencies and most local authorities begin to implement the work as an official working day, from 7:30 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon. (4 and a half hours).
And the relevant authorities have unified the date for holding the Friday sermon and prayer after 1:15 p.m. at the state level throughout the year, giving employees and workers the opportunity to return home. them and join the mosques where Friday prayers are held.
Work comes on Friday, under the new weekly working system, four and a half working days Monday through Thursday, and a half working day on Friday, and the weekly holiday is Saturday and Sunday.
The new weekly work system is also applied in most local government agencies, while the new law regulating labor relations gives the private sector the ability to determine weekly rest in terms of date and number of days, including at least one paid weekly rest. daytime.
And the Federal Human Resources Authority of the government on Friday issued a circular to all federal departments and entities regarding the granting of flexibility to work “remotely” for federal government employees, in order to ensure the continuity of the service. of services and the proper functioning of the federal government during the implementation of the “remote” work system on that day. .
The new weekly working system strengthens the UAE’s position on the business map as a global economic center, as it will help to strengthen the integration of the national economy with various global economies and markets, and strengthen its position. important and effective strategy in the global economy. , especially since the new system of weekly work ensures the adequacy of trade and commercial, economic and financial transactions with the countries which adopt the weekly public holiday on Saturdays and Sundays.
The adoption of the new system of working days and weekly holidays will support the financial sector, as it will harmonize with working days in international stock exchanges and financial markets, in addition to international banks, and thus the new system will improve performance. from the stock markets, banks, insurance companies and foreign trade of the United Arab Emirates.
The new weekly working system in the federal government sector is based on Cabinet Resolution No.27 of 2020 AD regarding the remote working system in the federal government and decisions amending it.
The Federal Government Human Resources Authority confirmed on Friday that there is flexibility to work “remotely” for federal government employees, to ensure the continuity of service delivery and the smooth functioning of the federal government during the implementation of the remote work system on this site. daytime.
In its circular n ° 2 of 2022, published yesterday (Thursday), the authority specified a set of controls that the ministries and federal entities must respect when they authorize certain employees to work remotely on Friday.
These controls include that the position and the employee occupying the position meet the conditions and controls for remote working contained in the federal government’s remote working system, and that the federal entity determines the appropriate positions for the job. remotely for her, in coordination with the Federal Human Resources Authority of the government in this regard.
And the need to issue the employee’s prior authorization on Friday for his remote work from the direct manager, in coordination with the director of the department to which he belongs, and the human resources department in the workplace.

Continuity of service
In the circular, the authority mentioned the need to have a sufficient number of employees at the headquarters of the federal entity to ensure the continuity of the provision of services to the public of customers, so that the percentage of employees working from the place of work is not less than 70% of the total number of employees of the federal entity, taking into account the priority given to remote work for the employee whose place of work is far from his place residence, in addition to taking into account all other humanitarian conditions that employees may face in this regard.
On condition that the human resources departments of federal ministries and entities are responsible for supervising the rotation between employees of organizational units of the entity who meet the conditions for teleworking.
The authority confirmed that it has reorganized the human resources information management system within the federal government “Bayanati” in accordance with the provisions of this circular for all operators of the “Bayanati” system with the aim of automate and facilitate the employee’s submission process for telecommuting on Friday.


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