This 2-Minute Exfoliating Peel Has 9K Sephora “Loves” & It’s 50% Off

If you’re about to buy the Peter Thomas Roth PRO Strength Exfoliating Super Peel, it has over 9,000 “likes” from Sephora shoppers. Check out these fan reviews of the product.

“I noticed a difference in my skin right away. My skin feels great,” said one client.

Another said: “Absolutely made a difference after just 3 uses! My skin is smoother. I had a few blemishes and they completely disappeared. Worth every penny!

One Sephora shopper said, “The best peel I’ve used. It’s a rinse-out, which means it’s only applied when I want and where. I use it on my lines and I I feel like my skin texture is so much better.”

One customer shared, “This product had an amazing visible impact on my skin. Within a few uses, my skin was the smoothest it had ever been as an adult. Although very expensive, I will continue almost certainly to use it because it has such an undeniable advantage.”

“This peel is super suitable for at home. It’s perfect for sensitive skin. I suffer from cystic acne, I have scars and dark spots that make me want to hide my face. IT’S TOO GOOD”, exclaimed a fan of the product.

Someone else said, “Absolutely pleased with the benefits described! It works on both my sensitive acne-prone skin and my husband’s normal skin type.”

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