“The Last of Us Part I” PS5 Features Trailer

Sony interactive ent.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a new ten-minute PS5 Features Trailer for “The Last of Us Part I,” breaking down the updates coming to the full remake of the original PS3 game.

The full 4K/60fps trailer and accompanying blog post comes as there have been rampant leaks of the game online in recent days featuring low-quality images and screenshots, often featuring a tone map. deficient, spreading

However, as the game is a known entity, the situation hasn’t quite mimicked that of “The Last of Us Part II”, which saw massive spoilers and large gameplay snippets posted online early.

As seen in the clips, the environments and characters have undergone massive improvements with exponentially more detailed character models that bring out more of the original performances and look better during gameplay, allowing for smoother transitions between gameplay and cutscenes.

The art direction has been revised to offer better lights and shadows. The physics are greatly improved with much more mobile and destructible objects. Enemy and Friendly AI is now much stronger and built on the foundation of the second game. Sadly, the dodge and crawl abilities from the second game don’t seem to have made it through.

There’s an ‘evolved’ photo mode, Permadeath mode, Speedrun mode, many more unlockables, a model viewer, and a bunch of accessibility features, including an audio descriptor mode. The game will also make heavy use of 3D audio and the DualSense controller plays a big part in immersion.

“The Last of Us Part I” will be released on September 2. A PC release date for the title has yet to be announced.

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