The Kingdom announces the launch of the Saudi Coffee Company

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The Public Investment Fund today announced the launch of the Saudi Coffee Company, with the aim of supporting the local coffee producer and elevating it to global ranks in the future. The company aims to play an important role in promoting the efforts of development of sustainable agriculture in the Jazan region in the south of the Kingdom, as it is an important home for the world’s most famous Arabica coffee.

The launch of the Saudi Coffee Company aligns with the strategy of the Public Investment Fund, which focuses on developing 13 strategic sectors and enabling promising sectors in the Kingdom, including the food and agriculture sector, as well as strengthening the Kingdom’s efforts to diversify Income sources.

The Saudi Coffee Company will work to support the entire value chain of the local coffee producer in partnership with the private sector, from the cultivation stage until the product reaches the consumer, taking into account the element of sustainability in all stages of production. , distribution and marketing, which will contribute to raising standards and applying best practices in this field, creating many job opportunities in the sector and helping to strengthen the Kingdom’s capacities to export the best Saudi coffee beans to global markets.

The coffee sector in the Kingdom has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, with studies showing an annual growth in local coffee consumption of around 4% for the period between 2016 and 2021, and studies indicating which is expected to grow 5% in the coming years, reaching 28,700 tons by the end of 2026, which provides attractive investment opportunities offered by the sector.

Saudi Coffee Company seeks to invest around 1.2 billion riyals over the next ten years in the coffee sector in the Kingdom and help increase Saudi coffee production capacity from 300 to 2,500 tons per year.

The latest statistics indicate that the domestic product of the Saudi Khawlani coffee crop is distributed in the mountainous governorates of the Jazan, Al Baha and Asir regions, where the number of coffee farms has reached more than 2,500 farms, including nearly 400,000 coffee trees.

To activate its commitment to awareness and knowledge in the agri-food sector, the company’s efforts will also focus on locating knowledge and the latest technologies in the fields of (cultivation, production, roasting and marketing of coffee) and everything related. operations in the Kingdom, where the company intends to establish a specialized academy in the coffee industry in various regions of the Kingdom is responsible for training, qualifying and providing many programs for Saudi talents, entrepreneurs and farmers with the aim of providing them with all the knowledge and skills that help them establish their own projects and farms, and encourage the participation and contribution of the people of the region to benefit from the opportunities offered by this sector.


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