The good times in bloom at Rockdale Park | County Chief of St George and Sutherland

The fruits of all the hard work of the Bayside Council parks staff are evident to everyone in Rockdale Park this summer.

Rain and cooler-than-average temperatures also produced a colorful crop in the park.

Leader photographer Chris Lane traveled to Rockdale Park this week to photograph the results.

The 3.2 ha West Botany Street Park is one of Rockdale’s first public parks and is considered unique within the Bayside Local Government Area due to its dense plantations of ornamental conifers and tree species. rare trees.

Bayside Council completed a major Rockdale Park upgrade in 2020 that saw a new playground, a new water feature with reflection ponds, a new pedestrian bridge, shallow pools and water plants ; new park furniture including seating and picnic areas, waders, barbecue grills and bike racks, a new walking path along West Botany Street, new park entry points and new internal trails.

Bayside Council also implemented its annual park rejuvenation program to maintain and enhance the council’s open park space.

More than 16 parks are ventilated, fertilized and dressed, while providing quality playing surfaces to local sports clubs, as well as to the local community.

The parks program began in September with the Council’s outdoor staff undertaking several procedures to improve the quality of local parks.

Construction is underway at Cahill Park, Bexley Oval, Kingsgrove Avenue Reserve, Scarborough Park, Scarborough East, Tonbridge Reserve, AS Tanner Reserve, Arncliffe Park (Juniors), Rockdale Netball Courts, Jellicoe Park, Rowland Park, Booralee Park Rugby, Booralee Park Soccer, L’EStrange Park, Mascot Oval Rugby and Sir Joseph Banks.



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