The Dar Al Ber association contributes one million ten thousand dollars to the campaign “Let’s warm up their winter”

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The “Dar Al Ber Association” announced its donation of one million ten thousand dollars in favor of the humanitarian initiative “Let’s warm up their winter”, launched by the campaign “The most beautiful winter in the world”, to raise 10 million dollars to support 100,000 families of refugees, displaced persons and disadvantaged groups in the Arab world and Africa, to help achieve the campaign’s objectives by bringing warmth to targeted families and relieving their suffering due to the winter cold.

The announcement of the donation came during a video intervention made by Muhammad Suhail Al Muhairi, member of the board of directors and executive director of the association Dar Al Ber, with YouTuber and content creator Hassan Suleiman “Abu Fella”, who has provided an ongoing live broadcast on his YouTube channel since January 7, in a bid to raise the required sum, based on a glass-walled hall specially built for him near the Burj Khalifa in central Dubai, where Abu Fella pledged to stay up to the goal of the campaign, which is run in partnership with Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the regional network of food banks.

Muhammad Suhail Al Muhairi commented on the association’s approach, saying: “Since its inception in 1979, the Dar Al Ber Society has embodied the commitment of the United Arab Emirates and its people to the values ​​of benevolence and giving. Today Today is a continuation of those authentic values ​​planted in the hearts of the people of the Emirates, which were established by the founding fathers, extending a hand of kindness and giving to the needy in the region and the world, and by bringing relief to the less fortunate wherever they are regardless of identity, gender or religion, in order to enhance the bright and civilized human image of the United Arab Emirates, which has not wanted to. those who suffer from the cold of winter even during its celebration of the most beautiful winter in the world on its land.

Al Muhairi went on to say, “We are proud that the amount we have provided will warm the homes of 10,100 families who desperately need our support to face the cold winter weather across the world to contribute to this pioneering campaign. , and to show the positive impact we can have around us by using modern technologies such as social media, which today can contribute to the sustainability of humanitarian work and its inclusion, as well as the promotion of values of tolerance and human solidarity.

With the donation provided by the Dar Al Ber Association, the total donations raised by the campaign to date have reached over $6 million, benefiting over 60,000 families. The campaign continues to receive contributions from individuals and institutions around the clock around the world via the website.

The ‘Let’s Warm Their Winter’ initiative launched by the ‘The Most Beautiful Winter in the World’ campaign, which aims to showcase the most beautiful landmarks of the UAE in its mild winter, aims to provide warmth to refugees, displaced people and disadvantaged people. groups in the Arab region and in Africa, emphasizing the values ​​of human solidarity with the needy in times of crisis. By raising awareness on this issue and collecting donations through the live broadcast provided by “Abufla”, one of the most important creators of content specializing in electronic games and entertainment in the Arab region, since the time of the stays in a glass room in downtown Dubai, in the “Burj Plaza” district near Burj Khalifa, the longest in the world.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the Regional Food Bank Network are working to gain direct access to more than 100,000 families through the “Warm Up Their Winter” initiative in refugee camps, displaced persons and smaller groups in Arab countries. For refugees and displaced persons in host countries, through the General Commissariat for Refugees, it also involves providing basic necessities such as blankets, blankets, winter clothes and heaters for the less fortunate in some countries, to help them cope with harsh weather conditions in winter, thanks to food banks.

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