The Dallas Mavericks lack superstar talent except for Doncic

The Dallas Mavericks have been outscored by the Golden State Warriors at both ends in the Western Conference finals, despite a strong performance in the previous round.

In the series against the Phoenix Suns, there were games where someone other than Luka Doncic showed up, but against a foe like the Warriors, the talent gap is pretty glaring.

The Warriors have moved up to a 3-0 series lead and the credit can be spread almost evenly among more than five players. Whereas, the Mavericks can expect consistent performances from just one player on their roster, with the others stepping up being a fluke so far in the series.

Former Chicago Bulls player Jay Williams referred to this parity between the two teams in “Keyshawn, JWill and Max,” when he said:

“The fourth best player in Golden State would probably be the number two option for the Dallas Mavericks.

“Any way you want to rank them, it doesn’t matter, he’s probably going to be the second-best player on the Dallas Mavericks.”

Game 2 was the closest the Mavericks ever came to winning a game in the series. Apart from that match, all the players not named Doncic have had a hard time getting going.

Luka Doncic leads the Dallas Mavericks in every category, including rebounding, outrebounding the team’s pseudo center Dwight Powell by a healthy margin.

Steph Curry, on the other hand, is averaging 28.0 points, 8.3 rebounds and 6.7 assists while receiving significant help from several teammates. Jay Williams added:

“You have Draymond Green, who runs the team. You have Klay, who comes to life when he’s supposed to. Andrew Wiggins. He is posterizing Luka Doncic and shutting him down at the same time.”

Luka Doncic’s high scoring numbers have not resulted in wins for the Dallas Mavericks

Luka Doncic’s scoring ability is otherworldly, considering the ease with which he makes buckets. The 23-year-old All-Star has averaged 34.0 points in the series thus far, including two 40-point games, but not even one of his efforts has helped them secure a win.

Luka Doncic is 2-6 when scoring 40-plus points in the playoffs.

Jalen Brunson and Spencer Dinwiddie, who are supposed to help Doncic on the offensive end, haven’t been consistent enough, further increasing Doncic’s responsibilities. The Mavericks’ system has led to Doncic being compared to former NBA MVP James Harden, as Williams put it:

“It almost seems like, at one point, Luka becomes a Slovenian version of James Harden, where the ball gets stuck in his hands. I say: ‘You have to move the ball.’

“And I’m starting to think about what this Dallas team needs to be, to get them over the hump, but that’s definitely not going to happen this year.”

The Mavericks were able to find a way to stop the Phoenix Suns in the previous series, but the Warriors pose a much different challenge.

The Warriors’ offensive firepower appears to be unmatched and they’ve managed to step it up defensively as well. From the looks of it, the Dallas Mavericks will need to pull a rabbit out of their hat to have any chance in this series.

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