“The culture of buying whatever you want needs a reset”

Experts say commodity shortages large and small are expected to worsen as the world “stops and starts all the time” and price hikes become commonplace. Finder’s personal finance commentator Kate Browne warned consumers to be “flexible” when shopping for essentials because they no longer have the luxury of waiting for specific product brands. “For pet food, there are entire shelves that are empty. We saw shortages of laptops and tablets… With the PlayStation there were big supply issues, ”she said. “Some of these products come from other countries. We have supply chain issues, then we have delivery issues in the field. “As consumers, we are not used to being able to wait. This will continue for the foreseeable future. Ms Browne said the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission would keep “a very careful eye” on prices, but the watchdog can only act if price increases constitute unreasonable behavior. Bigger items like furniture and cars are also experiencing wait times of up to nine months and are unlikely to abate in the foreseeable future. “In Australia we’ve always been able to go out and buy whatever we wanted, but that’s the new normal right now. Be flexible and plan ahead,” she said. “This culture of buying what you want when you want it needs to be reset no matter if you have the money or not. for small retailers and even people who heavily brand Gumtree and Marketplace. ”Pet foods including specialties for reptiles such as crickets, are rare in Greater Sydney due to delivery delays in transporting goods from the shipping dock to the showroom PetStock’s refrigerators in West Gosford have been stripped of wet pet food and Fresh dog buns on Tuesday, while shelves were also bare across the road in Bunnings with ample space in the wooden door racks. Staff said wood building materials have been arriving slower than usual in recent months and exterior concrete coating paint is in short supply. stores like Fantastic Furniture in West Gosford. “Normally we have about five to six deliveries per week and we are already expecting two for this week,” said a staff member. “We can’t even tell customers when they might get it. of their goods because we are not sure at this time. “So many of our delivery drivers are absent because of Covid. We bounced back from the lockdown, but now it’s like a different kind of challenge. Food shortages have spread beyond supermarkets to fast food chains, prompting KFC to overhaul its entire menu as McDonald’s has been forced to cut opening hours after staff were exposed to Covid . Global Forwarding freight company owner Enrica Centorame has said she expects “widespread” shortages to continue for “at least three more months.” “It’s the worst she’s ever been. I’ve been doing this for 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like it, ”she said. “Coca Cola Amatil ran out of lids for the bottles and that’s why you see more cans in the supermarket. Fortunately, they have the resources to pivot like this. Leading economist Saul Eslake said shortages of small imported goods like stationery were caused by Omicron’s attack on China – a country that continues to firmly pursue a zero Covid strategy. “In the case of imported imports. products, there are two other possible problems, such as supply chain difficulties in importing countries. I would be surprised if there are a lot of products in Officeworks that are not imported, ”he said. “China is now getting Omicron boxes and when they do get it, it shuts everything down very aggressively. Globally, there are still shipping issues due to the container shortage. ‘FAMILIES STRUGGLE TO FILL BASIC CARTS Take out extra money for expensive cuts of meat and look for alternative cleaning supplies for the household as grocery stores are out of supply. Eva Akis visited Coles at the Southgate Mall in Sylvania on Tuesday to shop for her young growing family, which she does almost every other day. She said standard pandemic items, such as toilet paper, facial tissues and paper towels, had disappeared from the shelves, but was surprised to find frozen meals and laundry were also gone. “I had to find alternatives to things. The laundry was gone, so I looked at everything that was available and got some washing liquid, ”she said. “All the hygiene products were gone, so I had to get some antibacterial wipes. It’s frustrating, but it’s understandable. “It was a mix of everything, but you couldn’t get things that were easy to cook like chicken nuggets and frozen foods. There was still fresh fruit, milk, yogurt, and expensive meat like the eye fillet. »NAT – Stay informed – Social networks

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