The controversial deputy Eleni Petinos is fired

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has announced that Eleni Petinos MP has been sacked following allegations of harassment.

In a statement issued late Sunday, he said the decision was made after other matters related to Ms. Petinos were brought to his attention.

“Today I spoke with the Minister of Small Business and Fair Trade, Eleni Petinos, after some issues related to her were brought to my attention,” said Perrottet.

“In light of these matters, Ms. Petinos’ service as Minister will cease with immediate effect, and I will write to the Governor tomorrow regarding this.

“The Minister of Customer Service and Digital Government, Víctor Dominello, will assume the responsibilities of the portfolio of Ms. Petinos.”

It came after Perrottet declared on Friday that he has “zero tolerance” for bullying and harassment among ministers and staff, warning “people will lose their jobs” if they see or learn of unacceptable behaviour.

Ms. Petinos has denied all the accusations against her.

The statement was made after a former adviser alleged that Petinos called them “retards” and “stupid” and threatened them for making a small mistake.

“Ministers yelled that I would ‘kill’ me over an email I wrote to PO addressing mentions of small business/fair trade in Chris Minns’ budget response speech,” the email stated, according tothe australian.

“It was a sustained barrage of demeaning and envious comments for two hours, which also included her telling me that I was ‘basically useless’ and ‘totally useless’.”

Other staff members alleged there had been “yelling and name-calling” in the office, with at least seven employees leaving the office since September. The daily telegraph informed.

He prompted Mr. Perrottet to speak to Ms. Petinos on a previous occasion: “I have made expectations very clear regarding practice and procedure in the workplace.”

Ms. Petinos has previously strongly denied accusations of bullying, and when approached the australian last Wednesday, he said: “I reject any accusation of intimidation or improper conduct.”

In 2018, Ms Petinos was involved in a sexting scandal with NSW Treasurer Matt Kean.

The explicit messages became public when they were posted online by Kean’s then-partner, Caitlin Keage.

In the text messages, which took place shortly after Christmas, Mr Kean messaged Ms Petinos as she said he was “playing a board game with my family”, saying he was “tempted to drive to see you”.

“You miss me, huh?” she asks.

“Yeah, I really need to fuck you,” he replies.

Kean said at the time: “I am deeply sorry that my relationship with Caitlin ended in such a spectacular and sad way. I wish you all the best”.

Originally published as the dismissal of controversial deputy Eleni Petinos

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