The Big Mad: Dumpling Dummies, Broken Records and Missouri’s January Six

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  • Francis Chung / Courtesy of E&E News and Politico
  • Senator Josh Hawley is one of six Missouri lawmakers who voted against the certification of the 2020 presidential election results.

Welcome to the Big Mad, the RFTthe weekly roundup of fair rage! Because we know your time is short and your anger is burning:

Dumplings and Diversity: For KSDK reporter Michelle Li, it was a fluffy story about traditional New Year’s meals that lasted just under 30 seconds on January 1. moment when, just after Li mentioned the New Year’s staples made from black-eyed peas, green vegetables, cornbread and pork, the reporter added, “I ate dumpling soup. That’s what a lot of Koreans do. As one racist does, the viewer left a voicemail message complaining that the “very Asian” reporter should “keep her Korean to herself” and argued, of course, that a hypothetical “white anchor” would be fired. for doing the same. Li turned the harassment into a positive move, and her tweet about the call helped turn the attempted insult into a hashtag, #VeryAsian, which continues to be trending as a statement of pride. But beyond bigotry, it’s easy to miss the familiar backbone of racists claiming victim status because other cultures and ethnicities have the nerve to coexist in “their” America; it’s a point of view that goes far beyond food, of course, from the Proud Boys defending their point of view on “western civilization” to deceived parents in public schools insisting that teaching students the history of race and slavery in the United States is inherently racist. Li, in the face of this hatred, responded with grace and restraint. But it’s definitely a lousy way to start a new year.

Like a broken record: There’s no way to soften this blow so we’ll just go out there and say it: this state sucks when it comes to dealing with a pandemic. First of all, Governor Hee-Haw decides to let a COVID-19 state of emergency order expire because you know you’ve got to let the bad vibes go for the past year (or you just want to pretend you completed a mission as a new variant threatens to raise COVID-19 cases to the next level). Then, three days later, this exact threat manifests itself and breaks records. Fifty-four children are in hospital, according to a Jan.3 report, because Missouri absolutely refuses to pull itself together. School districts are dropping mask warrants – partly because of our stupid attorney general and his needless prosecutions, partly because they risk being bullied by parent after parent at local school board meetings, and yes, maybe because some school board members just don’t believe in masks – and that just leads to more kids getting sick when they return from winter vacation. And it doesn’t even stop there; the record for hospitalizations has also been broken for adults. There have been 964 adult hospitalizations, and as the holiday season draws to a close, we don’t know how many more will join those numbers. It is unfathomable that we have been almost two years into this pandemic and that we are still breaking records, especially heartbreaking ones like these. Missouri: Collect your shit and wake up. The only way out is to get your head out of her ass, wear a mask, and get the shot. If not for someone else, do it for yourself.

January 6 from Missouri: A year ago, we watched the first videos of Trump superfans smashing windows, crawling along walls and giving up all their “back the blue” rhetoric to club, massage, and stomp on the police guarding the U.S. Capitol. At least eighteen Missourians were in the crowd, according to the count of those indicted later by federal prosecutors. But there were other accomplices from Missouri that day. On the one hand, there was Senator Josh Hawley greeting crowds of future wall crushers, who rightly saw him as an ally after spending weeks supporting the Big Lie. He and five Republican members of Congress – Reps Jason Smith, Vicky Hartzler, Sam Graves, Billy Long and Blaine Luetkemeyer – walked out of safe rooms after the rioters left and did exactly what the crowd wanted: They voted against the certification of the results of the presidential election. . It sounded crazy and incredibly selfish at the time, but it was a crazy day. Heat of the moment and all, right? Watch this January 6 and see if any of the six regrets their role. See if they take any responsibility for the two-thirds of Republicans recently polled who so far believe Trump lost by fraud. It’s been a year. Maybe they’ll say something, or maybe they’ll add it to the list of things they claim never happened – even though they know full well that it happened.

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