The adorable snow bears are back in Ottawa and you can find them on this popular winter trail

If you’ve been strolling by the river and woods in the Westboro neighborhood in recent winters, you’ve probably noticed the welcoming committee of cute bears made out of snow.

These snow creatures are created each winter along the Kichi Sibi Winter Trail (formerly known as the SJAM Winter Trail) by local resident Maggie. They are back and are already spreading joy this season.

Courtesy of Maggie Glossop

Her brother Peter, who is one of the winter trail groomers, mentioned four years ago that the snow along the trail was good for making snowmen and that it would be a fun idea to add some thing here to accommodate skiers and walkers.

“The first bears that I brought up each year come back to the opening halfway along the woods, north of the boardwalk, east of Island Park Drive,” Maggie told Narcity.

Maggie also said: “… it seemed obvious to make more snow bears while walking the trails and feeding the birds. So whenever the snow was suitable I would add another bear to the clan which was growing and growing – as did the answer to them.

There hasn’t been a lot of suitable snow for creation this season, there are seven bears so far, but last year there were over 20 bears in the wooded area along the trail .

While Maggie makes most of the bears and remakes them if they start to melt, she encourages others to join in on us. Last year, she spotted the addition of two new bears and a little snow bunny that weren’t her own.

Take a walk through a winter wonderland and count how many cute snow bears you can see climbing through the trees.

Snow Bear on the Kichi Sibi Winter Trail

The adorable snow bears are back in Ottawa and you can find them on this popular winter trail

Courtesy of Maggie Glossop

Price: Free

Address: Ottawa River Trail and Island Park Drive, Ottawa, ON

Why you need to go: Ski, walk, bike or snowshoe along this popular multi-use trail in Ottawa, offering beautiful views of the Ottawa River. Each winter, adorable snow cubs reappear in the forested Kichi Sibi section of the trail. You never know when new ones will appear.


Before you go, check out our responsible travel guide to be informed, be safe, be smart and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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