“Terrified if we are penalized”: women face a new trap of work

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirm that more women than men prefer to work remotely. But as companies return to work, experts say women who resist the return risk becoming invisible when it comes to advancing their careers. KNOW THE RISKS Despite growing fears about Omicron, LinkedIn profile writer Karen Tisdell says many workers are already returning to the office – but most of them are men. If you are not visible in the workplace, you are excluded from meetings and you are excluded from those really important conversations in the foyer and water cooler (where work and promotions are often discussed). “I don’t want to scare women into thinking if you don’t want to go back to the office, you risk jeopardizing your promotional opportunities… but I’m terrified that we will be penalized if we choose not to be present at the table. ”A recent report from the Federal Productivity Commission agrees, noting that workers who don’t spend enough time in the office can be“ out of sight, out of mind… leaving behind high quality workers who prefer remote work. “women to be overlooked.” If there is a meeting with 15 people at the office and you are the only one on the phone or video call, it will be much harder for you to have a voice, “she said.” I would like to be selective about this – think about which days you can work from home and which are the days when you really need to have one. high presence and you must al ler at the office. “You have to have compromise talks all the time because the compromise is if you don’t show up (in person) to that (meeting) you might not be meeting that new person who is an important decision maker. Gibbings advises that the camera should be on for online meetings and that management staff should be regularly updated on work progress to maintain visibility. A study of more than 61,000 employees Microsoft reveals that working from home has caused workers to communicate less with co-workers, potentially making it harder to acquire and share information. Gibbings says it’s especially important to stay in touch with “connectors.” and the ‘callers’ in the workplace. “They’re the ones who know everything that’s going on, so be sure to chat with them and ask them that hello pening and who’s new to the office, ”she says. In the workplace, it’s more important than ever for women to identify and promote their strengths while working on ways to improve their internal networks and stay on the radar of others, ”she said. While Bupa’s offices were among the workplaces to switch to remote work during the pandemic, Katrina Byworth, senior business performance coach, still managed to secure a promotion. She says that a better work / life balance has now prompted her to seek a hybrid work model. team, “she says.” When you’re face-to-face or in the office, it’s easier to have these one-on-one discussions, so I’m going to have to hold myself accountable (when working from home ) and be sure to allow time for it in my journal. “Byworth plans to meet with his work team in person every few months, but will be working from home for the rest of his time.” I made sure there was two-way communication (with my managers) so that they know my goals and can see that when I work from home it doesn’t mean I can’t engage with colleagues, ”she says. , work at least three days a week in the office – align with your team to be seen and be able to exchange ideas * Talk to your manager about the key projects you are working on and how you would like to promote them – ask them their opinion on ways to stretch and engage with other internal stakeholders * Define your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and report back in a monthly (or at least quarterly) update face-to-face- one-on-one – share key findings and outline your goal for the coming weeks and months * Internal and external networking is crucial to your success – consider starting an internal group to share ideas and strategies and demonstrate your leadership strengths * Get involved in transversal projects

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