Taxi protests, thousands of angry social media posts… now Colin the sheep and Ernie the pony show opposition to Clean Air Zone on 471 bus

There have been mass taxi protests, thousands of social media comments posted in protest – and now … a sheep and a pony on the 471 bus.

The bizarre spectacle was the latest protest protest against Greater Manchester’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) project.

There are plans to introduce charges for certain vehicles considered to be large emitters from May of this year.

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Proposals of daily charges of between £ 7 and £ 60 for vans or vans, taxis and private hire cars have created a wave of opposition from operators and small businesses fearing they will be forced out of the city. road by “impossible” requests to upgrade vehicles.

The plan could now be put on hold following a backlash.

Shepherdess Jade Hutchinson, of Radcliffe, Bury, has her own objections.

Jade and Colin are waiting for the bus

She says many livestock owners and farmers will see the cost of caring for their animals rise dramatically due to CAZ.

Jade, 22, took Derbyshire Gritstone Colin on the 471 Diamond bus – which travels between Bolton and Bury – to protest the plan.

They were joined by others opposed to the plan, including a Shetland pony called Ernie and his owner.

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“The event aimed to raise awareness of the impact CAZ will have, not only on the public and businesses, but also on the animals that depend on them,” said Jade, who sells livestock. Manchester Evening News.

“Non-compliant vehicles are widely used by farmers, animal shelters, riders, etc. They are required to care for the animals, feed them, control them and take them to the vet.

“CAZ will devastate the nonprofits that depend on these vehicles.”

Colin prepares to get on the 471

Jade added: “There are about 32 yards, farms and smallholdings within a five mile radius of Bradley Fold, where I have demonstrated. Everyone will be affected.

“They may not be big farms, but they still mean so much to our country behind the scenes.”

There was a simple – obvious – message at the heart of the protest, Jade said, pointing out that many people and businesses cannot rely on public transport.

She added: “The protest proved our point because a separate bus was organized. It is not possible for companies to turn to public transport.”

The trip lasted only five minutes and took place near the houses of the animals, so that they would not be distressed.


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