Steve Bannon Criticizes Murdoch, Says His Media Empire Is Swapping Trump For DeSantis

“Fox News, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Times of London, The Sun etc etc all against Trump,” Bannon wrote Wednesday on the right-wing social media platform Gettr. He also attacked the Murdoch family as “Australians throughout England, not Americans” who “have never sacrificed anything for this country.” Murdoch became a US citizen in 1984. … Read more

Dump Trump? DeSantis fever is spreading through Murdoch’s media empire

On Monday, from the pages of your weekly New York Post column, morgan piers He picked up a grenade, pulled out the pin, and tossed it in the direction of Mar-a-Lago. “rum desantis is proving to be a formidable and dynamic political operator,” Morgan wrote of the 43-year-old Florida governor and presumptive 2024 presidential candidate. … Read more

Florida building collapse investigation to begin structural testing

The federal investigation into the deadly collapse of a Florida beachfront condominium building is entering a new phase that involves cutting and drilling concrete and steel to determine what role they played in the disaster, authorities said Wednesday. The National Institute of Standards and Technology said in a news release that what is known as … Read more

Laxalt’s victory in Nevada sets up a fierce race for control of the Senate

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Adam Laxalt, a former state attorney general who has accepted lies about the 2020 electionwon the Republican nomination for a pivotal Nevada Senate seat, fending off a challenge from a political newcomer and setting up what is likely to be a cutthroat and costly race against incumbent Catherine Cortez of … Read more

Trump Reportedly Wants To Announce 2024 Offer Outside Ron DeSantis’ Home

As the committee’s first couple of public hearings on January 6 have made abundantly clear, donald trump He must never be allowed to return to power given his propensity to lie and violence when things don’t go his way. Unfortunately, Trump is apparently seriously considering making another run for office, and while we don’t know … Read more

Democrats’ concerns about a 2024 Biden campaign are growing louder

On Sunday Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asked if he plans to support the president Joe Biden for re-election, something the White House has said it intends to achieve. But the New York congresswoman wasn’t quite ready to commit. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” she told CNN. “I think if the president has … Read more

Chelsea Piers protesters anger Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis invited to speak during NYC Pride Month

MANHATTAN, New York – Protesters flocked to Chelsea Piers on Sunday, furious that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, was invited to speak at a private event. “I am here to annoy the police. Shout out to Ron DeSantis and let transphobics and fans know that his actions have consequences,” said protester Mike Dunn. READ … Read more

The Ohio GOP would like to ‘inspect’ their daughters’ genitals

Photo: fake images Ohio’s ban on trans youth from participating in sports is the epitome of the conservative culture war against the LGBTQ community. His obsession has reached pathological levels. Last week, the Republican-dominated Ohio House of Representatives passed a bill requiring genital inspections to prevent transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports. In the … Read more

Florida Gov. DeSantis defunds Rays after gun control tweets and donation

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis withdrew funding from the Tampa Rays for their gun control stance.Image: fake images Oh, it doesn’t give you that much faith in the leadership of our country and… no, you can’t even finish that sentence. In an apparent act of retaliation earlier this week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vetoed $35 million … Read more