NFL Schedule Leaks was just another troll job

Screenshot: Twitter: @NFLGameLeaks Legends are not born, they are made. The @NFLGameLeaks Twitter account is no different. NFL schedule leaks published his first tweet on May 9, writing: “Hello Twitter; The NFL schedule it [sic] will officially launch on Thursday, May 12. However, schedules have already been sent to all 32 NFL teams. Games will … Read more

Rep. Elise Stefanik Attacks Mysterious ‘Pedophiles’ Over Infant Formula Shortage

Rep. Elise Stefanik (RN.Y.), who describes herself as “pro-life,” blamed the White House and mysterious “pedo con artists” on Friday for the shortage of infant formula in the United States, calling for that formula be denied to the babies of immigrants. The “White House, House Democrats and the usual pedophiles are so out of touch … Read more

Back with the forbidden: Are Twitter exiles like Donald Trump ready to return under Elon Musk?

QAnon loyalists, COVID-19 deniers, neo-Nazis and a former US president: the list of banned people on Twitter is long, but their exile could soon come to an end if Elon Musk’s $44 billion ($41 billion) offer euros) for which the platform is approved. Musk, the world’s richest man and owner of SpaceX and Tesla, calls … Read more

QAnon Leader Ron Watkins Will Be On Arizona Primary Ballot

Ron Watkins, a QAnon icon who launched an unexpected congressional campaign in Arizona last year, has made it onto the August 2 primary election ballot. Watkins has only vague ties to the state, and has so far lagged behind fellow candidates in fundraising. But as of Tuesday, Watkins has collected enough petition signatures to put … Read more

Opinion: How Musicians End Up in MAGA

There are definitely patterns when it comes to arguing with people on Facebook who believe various right-wing conspiracy theories. Profile pics where people are holding fish comes up a lot, as do sports logos, but the thing I run into a surprising amount is various musicians. It’s made me wonder why so many local rockers … Read more

‘Linguistic Detectives’ Claim They’ve Identified QAnon Creators

Two groups of “linguistic detectives” who have used computers and machine learning to track speech patterns on social media messages are convinced they’ve identified the founders of QAnon, The New York Times reported Saturday. Conspiracy theorists claim the anonymous “Q” is a mysterious top-secret government operative within the “deep state” with access to its secrets. … Read more

Tina Blum Cohen Says She Hired “Illegals”

President of Blum’s Furniture, Tina Blum Cohen, admitted in bizarre Facebook thread last year that she hired “illegals.” Cohen is currently vying for the Republican nomination to challenge Lizzie Fletcher in District 7. Fletcher unexpectedly flipped the district in 2018, and since the redistricting is now almost certain to retain her seat against any Republican … Read more

Saving democracy: Bridging the Left/Right divide

Finding a common ground between both sides of the political spectrum is key to saving democracy in Western cultures, writes Sue Arnold. WHEN DONALD TRUMP was still in office, I remember standing in a very lengthy queue at Palm Springs Airport waiting to get a rental car. It was Spring break and the airport was … Read more

Canberrans are used to their city being confused with federal parliament, but the recent protesters didn’t understand the capital at all

Contrary to those who believe in the myth of the “Canberra bubble”, residents of the national capital are a diverse, eclectic, curious, caring and outward-looking bunch. The stereotype of a process-driven, lanyard-wearing, latte-sipping elite is one busted for many new residents once they begin calling Ngunnawal country their home. And this context is important to … Read more

Anti-vaxxers and the paedophile ring delusion

Many in the anti-vax brigade are caught up in the idea that they are crusading against a circle of elite paedophiles operating within the Government, writes Tom Tanuki. EARLIER THIS WEEK at the anti-vax, anti-lockdown “Convoy to Canberra” protests, MP Craig Kelly was standing by retired Qantas pilot Graham Hood. Kelly was there to confer … Read more