The NBA is cracking down on profanity

If profanity is good enough for Bill Russell, it’s good enough for everyone else,Screenshot: TNT Wow!-Wow! That’s the sound of the police gives (NBA image). The latest attempt by the NBA to make its perceptually black league more palatable to a mainstream audience is to crack down on cussing. Of course, there have to be … Read more

Calgary Flames fan regrets his decisions

Where does a mansplainer get water? From a well, actually.Screenshot: The Calgary Flames got up off the canvas in the third period of their Game 5 against Dallas last night. Trailing 1-0 and not having scored at home in the series in seven periods, he looked pretty grim. However, stars can never score enough to … Read more

Miami Dolphins need to keep Tua Tagovailoa’s injured ducks

Maybe you don’t post your QB’s worst pitches on the internet.Image: fake images Hello Miami Dolphins. I just thought I’d throw you a couple of friendly reminders. First of all, it is currently the low season. In fact, it is so much the low season that it is spring. His fans should be as happy … Read more

NY Islanders fire Barry Trotz, but have other problems

Barry Trotz away once again.Image: fake images There is no doubt that Barry Trotz has a useful life with any team he coaches. His high-intensity defensive style is never going to be something players want to do year after year, especially now that more and more teams are crashing into goals left and right. He … Read more

Nikola Jokić of the Denver Nuggets is the NBA MVP again, according to reports

is some kind of Jokic?Image: fake images the imminent news that Nikola Jokić will receive his second consecutive MVP award has sent the NBA community into a border war formation between respect for analysis and eye testing. Jokic’s consecutive wins it’s a resounding victory for the NBA’s math athlete contingency. This is not a tirade … Read more

The Sacramento Kings may have dodged a bullet by drafting Mike Brown over Mark Jackson, but they continued the same pattern of failed signings.

Image: Getty (fake images) The Sacramento Kings chose their new head coach over the weekend. It was narrowed down to two finalists. In the end, the Kings go with current Golden State Warriors assistant Mike Brown over former Warriors head coach Mark Jackson. Neither name is that exciting, but Sacramento made the right choice in … Read more

Josh VanMeter was forced to catch for the first time in 12 years. didn’t go well

Josh vanmeterPhoto: access point Ask any Pirates fan and they’ll tell you how bad second baseman Josh VanMeter is. The 27-year-old is hitting .171 with a .496 OPS in 15 games this season. Well, after today, he’s not only the worst second baseman some Pirates fans have ever seen, but he’s also the worst catcher. … Read more

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson wants another NFL team alongside the Cowboys

Dallas Mayor Eric JohnsonPhoto: CBSDFW Apparently Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson is ready for a battle with one jerry jones. In response to a Tweet posted by the NFL on CBS, raising the question of which city deserves the next expansion NFL team, Johnson was quick to respond to Dallas. “The answer is Dallas”, Johnson tweeted. … Read more

NBA semifinals look great for Golden State, but don’t count Memphis out just yet

Steph Curry and company. they’re up 2-1 on a Grizzlies team without Ja Morant.Photo: fake images The Golden State Warriors don’t always have to get a win. They can push the right buttons on their good nights and have defenses complaining about misreads and missing out on StephCurry/Klay Thompson/Jordan Poole relocations when Draymond Green is … Read more

80-1 shot Rich Strike wins the Kentucky Derby

Rich Strike won the 148th Kentucky Derby.Image: fake images Rich Strike was not on the Kentucky Derby field when head coach Eric Reid woke up Friday morning. After a late scratch at Ethereal Road, a spot has opened up for a number 21 horse in the field of 20 Thoroughbreds. And one of the longest … Read more