Sydney banker Fredrick Blencke released on bail after spending month behind bars

Nurses had to kick a high-profile investment banker from a children’s hospital after he allegedly assaulted his wife, a court has heard.

A prominent investment banker accused of multiple domestic violence offenses has been released on bail to attend marriage breakup counseling after spending more than a month behind bars.

Fredrick Blencke was denied bail in December after police accused him of assaulting his wife Annabelle Price at their home in Vaucluse, on the eastern outskirts of Sydney.

Mr Blencke, who worked for UBS, Goldman Sachs and Bell Potter, did not file any plea to the charge.

Waverley local court heard on Wednesday that the recent charge was in addition to another charge of common assault laid by police in August last year, which involved an alleged incident at Westmead Children’s Hospital .

Mr Blencke has pleaded not guilty to that charge and is fighting another separate set of charges linked to another incident in April in which he allegedly refused to leave Bondi’s famous Ravesis hotel and assaulted police.

In court, defense attorney John Korn and attorney Lauren MacDougall pleaded for Mr. Blencke’s release on bail.

“The proposal is that he is going to Byron Bay for two reasons,” Korn said.

“He has acceptable accommodation… he will be 750 kilometers and at least an eight hour drive from Sydney.”

Mr Korn said that after Mr Blencke’s marital relationship collapsed, his client planned to seek professional advice on marriage breakdown in Byron Bay.

“There are places available but they cannot give him a confirmed place until they can do an assessment,” Korn said.

“Covid has made communication with those in detention… incredibly difficult.

“Clearly, his uncontrollable behavior is something that needs to be corrected. “

Police prosecutor Sergeant Maja Obireck told the court the alleged behavior which brought Mr Blencke to court was “of grave concern”.

“A senior constable was kicked in the head causing serious bodily harm,” said Sgt Obireck.

“The accused was not discouraged and acted in a brazen manner.”

Sgt Obireck said the alleged assault at the hospital took place after Mr Blencke was asked to help his wife.

“Several nurses intervened and told the accused he had to leave the scene,” she said.

Mr Blencke displayed a “high degree of aggression” in another alleged incident at his family’s home in Vaucluse, said Sergeant Obireck.

Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge said Mr Blencke’s decision to move away from his wife to the village of Federal near Byron Bay meant he could be released on bail.

“It’s not to resolve the marriage breakdown, it’s to ensure appropriate behavior,” she said.

“We are not working as a go-between to try to mend their broken relationship.

“He’s out of control.

Under strict bail conditions imposed, Mr Blencke is banned from entering authorized premises and must report to Byron Bay Police three times a week.

“He should not drink alcohol or take drugs unless these drugs are prescribed by a doctor,” Magistrate Milledge said.

Mr Blencke’s case returns to court on March 2.

After the hearing, Ms MacDougall released a statement saying her client was relieved to be released.

“The justice system is currently under enormous pressure and if Mr Blencke had not been released today he may have been in jail pending a hearing date set next year.” , she said.

“We deliberately chose Byron Bay as our place of residence to convince the court that any risk that it might harm the plaintiff could be improved.

“Bail is not a mechanism to punish defendants and the request was deliberately designed to address the concerns of the court.”

A hearing into the alleged assault at Westmead Children’s Hospital is scheduled for March 28, while a separate hearing into the alleged police assault is scheduled to take place on the same day.

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