Sustainable sourcing for a better built environment

In 2020, Tony Rouady and Kim Regler founded Network Architectural. A subsidiary of Network Building Supplies, NA works directly with architects who supply facade and roof solutions to professionals in the built environment.

The company constantly seeks to innovate, and many of its products are used for major projects. Network Architectural supplied the aluminum cladding for the NSW Parliament House, to fireproof and ensure the safety and longevity of the institutional building. On a larger scale, Network’s Mitsubishi Alpolic was used for the façade of the Lennox Head Cultural Center (pictured above), highlighting its qualities as a standout façade and suitable for large buildings.

It’s projects like this that make Network Architectural solutions ideal for buildings that typically win the Commercial Architecture (Large) category of the Sustainability Awards. Eligibility for the category is simple, applying for a Class 5, 6, 7 or 8 building used for professional and/or commercial purposes of more than 500 m2 in area.

In terms of sustainability, Network intends to ensure that its footprint is kept to a minimum capacity across all of its operations. By supplying premium products, Network is inherently sustainable, with the entire portfolio of facades and roofs durable, versatile and sustainable.

As for the category, the budget is not a problem or a requirement. We value projects of all shapes and sizes, as long as they exceed the threshold of 500 m2. Given the physical magnitude of the nominated buildings, it is important that these commercial spaces have the well-being of both their occupants and the environment in the highest regard, and the esteemed jury looks for pioneering projects that may well be the catalyst for broader change. in the industry.

2022 is the year the Sustainability Awards return as a physical event (we hope). We are eager to see them and, in addition, the projects, people and products nominated and finally awarded and celebrated. Registration is open, we would love for you to submit yours here.

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