Survivors Of The Deadly Bronx Fire File A $1 Billion Lawsuit Against The Building’s Landlords (Update)

Last Sunday, more than a dozen people were killed in the deadly fire in New York’s Bronx neighborhood, Originally 19 people were reported to have died as a result of the blaze, however, officials then provided an update and said there were a total of 17 people who died. At least five dozen other people were injured in the blaze. Today, two of the survivors have become the first to complain about the fire.

According to ABC 7 New York, the two survivors, who are also in a relationship, are suing the owner of the building and say they were aware of the “faulty conditions” and did not comply with the conditions.

In the lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of Rosa Reyes and Felix Martinez, who say they suffered serious injuries as a result of the fire. They are claiming $ 1 billion in damages from the owners of the building, as well as from the managers.

The outlet reports that in the lawsuit, the survivors also accused the owners of not having:

  • make sure the entrance doors to each apartment close automatically
  • ensure that the smoke detectors in the premises in question and in each apartment of the premises in question were working
  • ensure that the emergency stairs were in good working order
  • provide adequate and legal heat
  • allow alarms to go off all the time
  • have an intercom system throughout the establishment
  • have a sprinkler system
  • ensure that the lines and electrical systems of the premises in question were in good working order

The couple also filed a parallel case in which they sued the city and alleged that the Buildings Ministry had made “lip service to safety concerns and fire issues and was responsible for the injuries and injuries. resulting deaths ”.

The New York Legal Department and the Bronx Park Phase II Preservation, LLC responded to ABC 7 New York and expressed grief over the tragedy and acknowledged the ongoing investigation into the incident.

The New York Legal Department said, “There is an active investigation into this tragic incident. We will consider the request. While Bronx Park Phase II Preservation, LLC said they are “fully cooperating with firefighters and other agencies as they continue to investigate.”

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