Surveillance footage shows the moment Russian rockets hit a Ukrainian amusement park

Ukrainian troops inspect damage caused by a Russian rocket that hit Maxim Gorky central park in Kharkiv.

  • Surveillance footage shows an amusement park being hit by a Russian rocket.
  • Reuters identified the missiles as GRAD rockets, usually fired from truck-mounted launchers.
  • It is not immediately clear why Russian forces attacked the amusement park.
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Newly released surveillance footage appears to show rockets hitting an amusement park in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on Tuesday, destroying sheds, rides and decorations.

The images were released on Wednesday by Reuters, which reported that GRAD rockets developed by the Soviet Union were used in the attack. GRAD rockets are typically fired from a truck-mounted launcher.

Ukraine’s State Emergency Services on Tuesday reported a fire in a park in central Kharkiv, which had been shelled by Russian forces, the outlet reported.

The park is known as the Maxim Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation, Reuters reported, pinpointing the location through the buildings, paths, rides and benches.

According to the SES, seven fire trucks arrived at the scene and contained the fire, according to the outlet.

A woman received shrapnel injuries from the attack, the SES added, according to Reuters.

It is not immediately clear why Russian forces bombed the amusement park, or if the park had been the intended target. Moscow has denied attacking civilian targets, although there have been widespread reports of such cases.

The war in Ukraine entered its 70th day on Wednesday as Russian troops continue to try to push further into the country through the Donbass region.

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