Surprise! Console gamers cheat more than PC gamers

Have you encountered any cheaters in the game? If so, you are not alone. According to a survey conducted by Time2Play, 74% of gamers said that cheaters ruined their enjoyment of the game; 61% said they had been caught cheating themselves.

Despite the negative connotation, 77% of respondents said they were okay with cheating. An overwhelming 81% of respondents approve of cheating while playing alone, because rolling back the clock in Animal Crossing or spawning a tank in Grand Theft Auto III doesn’t hurt anyone.

Only 59% of players say it’s okay to cheat when playing with others, but that’s a lot of people who are okay with cheating in Fortnite. Players like to win, which is why seven of the top 10 games with the most cheats have prominent player versus player features.

The survey highlights the most prolific cheaters. Apparently, 83% of Gen Z gamers agree to cheat, while 77% of Gen Y and 74% of Gen X and Boomers say the same.

Most talk about cheating comes from PC online multiplayer games, with 52% saying PC gamers are the biggest cheaters. After all, it’s easier to download an aimbot to your computer than to a game console. The built-in cheat codes of yesteryear are almost gone at this point.

But this survey found that console gamers are actually more accepting of cheating than their computer counterparts. Time2Play found that 81% of PlayStation owners and 80% of Xbox owners agree to cheat. In comparison, 78% of PC gamers and 77% of Switch gamers accept it.


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