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A new study has found that the immune system’s white blood cells are able to trigger an immune response against the omicron mutant.

Because the omicron mutant contains a higher number of mutations than other coronaviruses, it can escape antibodies caused by a vaccine or infection. However, if the virus enters the body, white blood cells, called T cells, will attack it.

And UK news agency “PA Media” reported that the new study, conducted by the University of Melbourne and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, included researchers who analyzed more than 1,500 protein segments. acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus virus, which T cells have been found to recognize. In patients recovering from coronavirus or after receiving the vaccine.

The study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Versis, indicates that the omicron mutant is unlikely to be able to escape T cells.

“Although the study is preliminary, we believe this is positive news,” said Matthew Mackay, professor at the University of Melbourne and co-author of the study. “Even if an omicron, or any other mutant, could escape the antibodies, the strong reaction of the T cells is still strong.” It is expected that it may provide protection and help prevent serious disease. Based on our data, we predict, for example, that the T cell response, which is stimulated by vaccines and booster doses, will continue to help provide protection against the omicron mutant, as has been observed for d ‘other mutants. We believe this study brings positive news in the global fight against the omicron mutant,’ he explained. Omicron “.

The most disturbing part of the omicron mutant, the researchers said, is the large number of mutations in its spike protein, which is the primary target of corona vaccines. The spike protein allows the virus to fuse and enter cells in humans. Current vaccines neutralize antibodies in order to block this process, but these antibodies would be less effective against the OMICRON mutant than other previous mutants.

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