Stay away in event of accident with Olympics vehicle, Beijing police warn

People should stay away from special vehicles used to transport people to and from Winter Olympic venues in the event of a traffic incident, the Beijing traffic management authority warned on Sunday.

Personnel involved in the Winter Olympics will be kept in a “closed loop” operation and should avoid contact with outsiders, the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau said in an article posted on its Weibo type account. Twitter.

If there is an accident with one of the vehicles, people should maintain a safe distance, avoid contact with people inside and wait for professionals to arrive at the scene, the post said.

On Wednesday, organizers said they had started the “closed loop” operation, in which participants can only leave if they leave the country or undergo quarantine, to prevent a Covid-19 outbreak among the participants in the Games did not pervade the Chinese general public.

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The 2022 Games, which will open on February 4, are set to take place as the world grapples with the highly transmissible variant of Omicron, although China, which has a zero-tolerance policy against Covid, does not reported only a handful of Omicron cases.

More than 2,000 international athletes are expected to come to China for the Games, plus 25,000 other “stakeholders”, many from overseas. The organizers did not specify how many of these people would be in closed circuit.

On Sunday, the coastal city of Tianjin, which borders Beijing, announced that it would begin testing its population of around 14 million people after at least two cases of the highly transmissible variant of Omicron were detected there.

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