Somerville’s Sav-Mor billboard moves to new location


“Thank you for 40 great years. I moved to Assembly Row. Don’t tell Todd.”

Sav-Mor liqueurs.

Somerville’s Sav-Mor Liquors store with its iconic humorous sign made its latest joke on McGrath Highway.

But fans of the store’s light-hearted commentary will now be able to find it on Canal Street in Assembly Row. The store recently announced – on a sign, of course – that after 40 years in its current location, it would be moving.

The store gained local attention for the sarcastic comment on its parking lot sign, often arguing with the McDonald’s across the street.

The liquor store lighten the mood last winter, when all eyes were on the COVID-19 vaccine, with a message saying, “We have enough vaccines for everyone.”

Many Sav-Mor signs were featured on liquor store signs Twitter Account.

A fan favorite, a sign of May 2021, mocked the neighboring McDonald’s.

“Come try our new chicken sandwich. It’s greaaaaaat,” the McDonald’s sign read, to which the discount liquor store replied, “Our chicken sandwich is baaaaaaaaaaaad.

Jan 9, Sav Mor tweeted its intention to move to 325 Canal Street on Assembly Row. The new storefront will open this week, he said.

The store also shared a photo of its iconic sign. This time, the message thanked customers for 40 years in business. He also joked, “Don’t tell Todd.”

Sav-More shared a preview of their new storefront on Twitter. “Here’s a preview of our new Assembly Row location. Please note THE SIGN!” the store said.

In July, the brand responded to a McDonald’s ad rewarding members by saying, “Alcohol is its own reward.

Now the closest McDonald’s store to argue with is 2 miles away, on Broadway in Everett.

Other recent highlights include, “Alcohol isn’t just for sterilizing wounds anymore” and “Selling vodka flavored vodka now.”

“Sorry to see you go. Assembly traffic mess will keep me away, but I hope it works out for you,” one user tweeted.

Another fan tweeted, “I can only hope they have equally good signage in Assembly Square. Because their signs are FUNNY.

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