Snowy weather draws skiers and boarders to Ellicottville this weekend

ELLICOTTVILLE, NY (WIVB) – It was a busy day on the slopes of Holiday Valley on Saturday, as skiers and snowboarders took advantage of all the snow that fell on the area this week.

The folks at Holiday Valley told News 4 it was the busiest day of the season. And a lot of people were on the slopes. Holiday Valley hopes this means their luck is turning.

“Wow what a change, we had some great natural snow,” said Jane Eshbaugh, resort marketing director. “It was really cold so we had a lot of snow. We were able to open more land, more elevators, and we were really busy.

The skiers and snowboarders of western New York all had the same idea: hit the slopes.

“It’s the best time to go out this year and as you can see it’s so busy,” said snowboarder Jeffrey Doerflein.

“This is my first time going out this season,” added snowboarder Jake Shepard. “The conditions were perfect so it was a good day.

“It’s very busy,” said skier Nathan Hamm. “And we’re happy to see it because it’s the first snowfall of the year and it’s been a good time. ”

Eshbaugh said this week’s weather helped draw people to the resort and to Ellicottville.

“The cold weather really helped speed it up so that’s definitely an advantage,” she said. “And we have more cold weather around the corner, so hopefully we’ll be fully operational very soon.”

It wasn’t just the ski resort that was busy. Local restaurants, bars and shops also experienced a business boom this weekend.

“It was awesome,” said John O’Connell, manager of Finnerty’s Tap Room bar. “We finally got snow here in Ellicottville, and I know you got it up north. We were so grateful to have it and once we got it everyone just assaulted Ellicottville.

“It spreads everyone,” Eshbaugh said. “Expands the business. Lots of accommodation here on the slopes and in town so it’s great. It benefits everyone.

Officials said 22 trails were open on Saturday and they are looking to open more as time permits.

Sarah Minkewicz is a journalist who has been part of the News 4 team since 2019. See more of her work here.

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