Singapore residents treated to vibrant sunset to welcome the weekend

SINGAPORE – Residents of Singapore were treated to a vibrant display of sunset colors at the start of the weekend.

Netizens posted images of bright orange streaks and wavy clouds in the sky on Friday evening (January 14) from places including HarbourFront, Ang Mo Kio and Pasir Ris.

Facebook user Valerie VC said the clouds resembled the famous Northern Lights.

Another netizen, Steven Lim, said he decided to chase the west coast sunset on his way home from work because he noticed the weather was nice.

“Mr. Sun is kind to me for allowing me to take many beautiful photos,” he wrote.

Meteorologist and climatologist Koh Tieh Yong of the Singapore University of Social Sciences said the dramatic sunset was typical of a sunny day and the air was relatively free of pollutants across the island.

“Under such clean conditions, sunlight is scattered by air molecules in a process known as Rayleigh scattering. This turns the sky reddish at low angles near the direction of the setting sun and slowly becomes orange, yellow, green and finally blue at higher and higher angles,” said Associate Professor Koh.

He noted that the clouds in the photos are also indicative of the good weather.

“The ice crystals and water droplets that make up these clouds scatter the intense incident red-orange sunlight at low angles, giving them a warm, bright hue,” he said.

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